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“We translate the companies’ day to day into the market language”
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about us

Who we are

PKF Attest DCM is an independent Debt Capital Markets advisory firm and a pioneer operational outsourcing partner in the primary debt market. This division of PKF Attest was established in 2014 to advise corporates and public institutions on their debt capital markets activities, the different DCM tools and instruments available to them, and help them access the wholesale funding market regularly and efficiently.

Our aim is to help our clients obtain efficient funding via the debt capital markets. We have developed a unique primary debt market issuance service that supports and helps companies who rarely appear on the debt capital markets to take full advantage of the efficiency of wholesale funding, just as frequent issuers do, but without having to put in place the additional resources normally associated with it. We leverage on synergies, helping clients to reduce their funding cost and increase operational efficiency.



Expert dcm advisory, and primary market operational outsourcing firm


Market reference firm for Short-Term Commercial Paper with a dominant position in the Spanish CP market.


Active in the wider European market via ECP programmes and in the local CP domestic markets via Pagares in Spain, Neu CP in France…


Pioneered a robust technology suite for the primary CP market


Daily engagement and direct dialogue with local authorities, stock exchanges and regulators. 


Working exclusively with first line, Tier I market reference dealers, IPAs, transactional banks and legal firms 

The Team

Our team is led by reputable, highly experienced professionals with broad corporate and investment banking backgrounds and a long history of working together. We combine profound knowhow and extensive experience in primary debt issuance, bonds and commercial paper origination and distribution, syndicated loans, bank financing, securitizations, project and structured finance.

Jokin Cantera


Javier Jordan


Wafi Saleh


Ander Landeta

market operations

Leyre Garmendia

market operations

Álvaro García

market operations

Gonzalo Vara

market operations

Sofía Compostizo

market operations

Rafael Segovia

business development

Josune de la Torre


Our IT partners

Juan Manso

product engineer

Sonia Roncero

product engineer

Beatriz Tobar

front end design

Manuel Jesus Gil

Jonatan Gaitero

Jokin Cantera


Jokin has over 20 years of commercial and investment banking experience, with most of his career developed at Banco Santander, Banesto and JP Morgan Chase.

Prior to PKF Attest DCM, Jokin worked at Santander Global Banking & Markets division (SGBM) in London, where he was Head of Northern European Institutional Sales, covering credit markets, rates and FX distribution of flow and non-flow products.

Before joining Banco Santander, Jokin was deputy general manager of the wholesale banking division at Banesto, responsible for credit markets (origination, trading and distribution), ACPM, securitization, rates and structured products distribution. He was also head of institutional sales, responsible for the structuring, origination and distribution of credit, rates, FX and multi-asset products to institutional investors.

With a strong innovative mindset and an entrepreneurial approach, Jokin was co-responsible for the creation of the Banesto Funding Platform, a unique primary bond market platform that helped corporates access the capital markets recurrently and efficiently through primary MTNs and CP issuance. He was also a board member of Banesto Financial Products PLC.

Jokin holds a BA Hons degree in Economics and Business Administration from Deusto University and has attended IESE, Chicago GSB & IE management programmes in Madrid and London.

Javier Jordan


Javier is an experienced banker and financial advisor with over 17 years of experience in banking and financial advisory services covering capital markets, project and structured finance, syndicated loans origination and distribution.

Prior to joining PKF Attest DCM, he worked at Banco Santander and prior to that at Banesto were he was Head of Structured Financing for the Basque Country region, responsible for origination, risk analysis, debt structuring and syndication of a wide range of financing products: corporate finance, project finance, LBO and debt restructuring.

Before Joining Banesto, Javier worked at Accenture and Management Solutions where he was senior consultant in different international projects covering banking and insurance sectors

Javier holds BA Hons in Economics and Business Administration from Deusto University

Wafi Saleh


Wafi has over 15 years of corporate and investment banking experience, with most of his career developed at Banco Santander and Banesto.

Prior to joining PKF Attest DCM, he occupied various positions at Santander Global Banking & Markets division (SGBM), where he was Head of Middle East Corporates, Head of the Global Funding Platform, Head of the MTN Desk at the European Bond Syndicate, responsible for Private Placements origination covering European: Corporates, FIG, & SSA issuers.

Before joining Banco Santander, Wafi worked at Banesto, where he was Head of DCM, Bond Syndicate and the Funding Platform. He has extensive experience in bond issuance and has set up and managed the SPV, the EMTN and ECP programmes for the bank and corporate clients, issuing vanillas and structured notes. He was a board member of Banesto Financial Products PLC and Santander International Products PLC.

Wafi has an outstanding fingerprint in the capital markets and is co-responsible for the creation and management of the Banesto Funding Platform, a unique primary bond market platform that helped corporates access capital markets recurrently and efficiently through primary MTNs and CP issuance.

Wafi holds a BA Hons degree in International Business and Management studies from the European Business School, London, and has attended IESE management development program in Madrid.

Our Values

partnership approach

We believe in long-term relationships and work under a partnership approach with our clients. We act in our client’s best interest and strive to be their trusted partner in all their capital markets activities. We dedicate our efforts and resources to providing our clients with a value-added service, anticipating their needs and requirements, knowing that their success will assure our own.


We believe that our independence is an asset, which guarantees our clients a superior, best-in-class service. Our service is 100% free from conflict of interest and is neither influenced nor compromised by competing business lines. We are reliable and loyal towards the client rather than the transaction.



Our people are our prime asset. We build trust and teamwork through open, and truthful communication. We share ideas and best practices, and promote our team’s personal and professional growth. We believe that teamwork brings the highest value to our clients.


With a clear view of the capital markets and an adaptable dynamic structure, we develop creative business solutions that provide value and create new opportunities for our clients. We invest in technology and develop solutions that makes primary market issuance a simpler and smother process.


We share our goals, ideas and experience directly and openly with our clients, ensuring consistency between our values and our actions.



We seek progress. We are committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations, through responsibility, proactivity, creativity and the pursuit of excellence, giving the best advice and building a true long-term relationship.

“you can do things i cannot, i can do things you cannot; together we can do great things” Mother Teresa


Transactions and debt programmes established / managed by PKF Attest DCM


Transactions and debt programmes established / managed by PKF Attest DCM