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“we help companies access debt capital markets efficiently”

PKF Attest Capital Markets AV

Is a unique, independent debt capital markets advisory firm and a pioneer operational outsourcing partner in the primary fixed income market. We advise companies on the different DCM tools and instruments available to them and help them access the wholesale funding market recurrently and efficiently.


We see the debt capital markets as a recurrent, extremely efficient source of funding, which is usually well exploited by large, frequent “blue chip” issuers. Yet we see a great number of smaller, solid, well-reputed companies and institutions which could potentially use the capital markets as efficiently as frequent “blue chip” issuers do, if they had the right enablers in place.

Knowhow, appropriate issuance infrastructure and human and technical resources are the key enablers for recurrent, successful and efficient issuers.

We partner with our clients, accompany them in their capital markets activities, and provide them with these key enablers that allow them to access the market regularly and efficiently just as frequent “blue chip” issuers do.

Key Facts & Figures*

Market Leader

for CP programmes set up and management


corporate CP programmes established by PKF Attest or team

Tier I

dealers, IPAs, legal consuls


CP notional issued annually


trades excuted annually


CP outstanding volume currently managed 

Key Facts & Figures*

Market Leader

For CP programmes set up and management


Corporate CP programmes established by PKF Attest or team

Tier I

Dealers, IPAs, Legal Consuls


CP notional issued annually


Average annual amount of trades executed


Average annual CP outstanding volume handled


Market share* of the Spanish Corporate CP market


Market share** of the Spanish Corporate HYNR CP market


Market share** of MARF CP outstanding volume

*As for 30/06/2019

*By nº programs **By volume

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